Leighnor Aircraft Employment Resources

This page is the hub for employment information and resources at Leighnor Aircraft.

Current Opportunities:

  1. Leighnor Aircraft is always interested in Flight Instructor candidates. Our flight instructors are part-time independent contractors working their own schedule. Flight Instructors are responsible for checkout in all of the Leighnor Aircraft rental fleet. Leighnor Aircraft also instructs Sport Pilot Certificates, Recreational Pilot Certificates, Private Pilot Certificates, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificates and Flight Instructor Certificates, including Instrument Instructor. Leighnor Aircraft offers flight instruction under FAR part 61 instead of FAR part 141. This form of instruction allows for more flexibility with student instruction and more importantly allows a bit of fun to be retained as part of advancing flight education.


Employee On-Boarding Forms

The above forms are provided for new employees to fill out. Please return these forms to Leighnor Aircraft by US mail or upload an electronic copy of these forms using our file upload system.

Note: The I-9 form requires Adobe DC Reader to view. A browser PDF viewer will not work.

Online Employment Application

To apply for a position with Leighnor Aircraft, please go to our online job application form located HERE.

Job Applicant Forms Upload

All new employees will be required to provide an I-9, W-4 and AZ A-4 form as part of their on-boarding process. A Direct Deposit form is not required but highly recommended. Access the upload system HERE.