Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help users of our web site answer questions that are usually asked of us during the course of a sales call conversation. We have divided the FAQ listing into categories to help make navigation easier.

If you still have a question and it's not answered in these FAQs, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your question.

2 - Rates and Financial

Your Flight Schedule Pro account is free and will never expire. Leighnor Aircraft pays for the full cost of operating this system.

Leighnor Aircraft has two different hourly rates, which are standard rental and flying club rate. When money on account is purchased, credits are applied to your Flight Schedule Pro account. The credit discounts the hourly rate depending on the amount purchased.

Invoiced flight time with a money on account purchase will still bill on your invoice at the standard hourly rate.

If you are a flying club member, your invoiced flight rate will be billed at the the flying club hourly rate.

The state of Arizona taxes our operations under the Transaction Privilege Tax or TPT. The cities of Cottonwood and Prescott also have sales tax that we must pay. Aircraft rental rates quoted do not include tax, which is added at the time of purchase.

Taxes are also collected on flying club memberships and are collected each month with the membership dues.

For airports subject to a use fee, aircraft rentals and flight instruction are subject to the fee.

When fueling locally at Prescott, Leighnor Aircraft has an account with Legend Aviation. Legend will just refuel the airplane and charge the fuel purchase to our account.

There are self-service cards for Legend Aviation in each aircraft’s note book which can be used at the Legend self-service pumps.

If you purchase fuel away from Prescott, you will need to pay the cost of the fuel yourself, then this amount is deducted from your rental charges. You should leave the receipt for fuel in the aircraft’s operations book. Send a copy or image of the receipt to

No, we only credit your account for airplane fuel charges.

Money on account refunded after 6 months of inactivity has a 50% penalty. After a year, there is no refund due to the rental agreement.

Account credits are not refundable under any circumstance.

However, you’ll love flying our aircraft so much that no refunds will be necessary.

We refund money on account by removing credits and paying the balance of the account to the pilot.

No, there is no credit limit. Because the pilots you referred flew, you get credits to spend on flying.

We do not refund account credits because these credits are non-cash awards.

Block time is now money on account. When Leighnor Aircraft had one type of aircraft and at the same rate, money on account was easy to translate to block time.

With two or more different rental rates now, block time couldn’t be maintained. The simple reason is Flight Schedule Pro can’t control where money put on account is used. So money that was called block time for the 162 can easily be used for the 182.

We also expanded the credits available both up ($5000) and down ($500) to provide more options for earning credits.

When a pilot puts money on account in certain increments, Leighnor Aircraft adds a credit to your Flight Schedule Pro account, thus making the flying money go further.

  • $500 ($20.83 credit)
  • $1,000 ($82.25 credit)
  • $1,500 ($166.67 credit)
  • $2,000 ($250.00 credit)
  • $2,500 ($449.85 credit)
  • $5,000 ($1,172.84 credit)

Absolutely yes! Using money on account and the flying club membership is the most cost-effective way to fly.

Here’s why – when you purchase money on account, the purchase adds credits to your Flight Schedule Pro account to reduce the hourly rental rate.

When you fly, you consume those dollars in your Flight Schedule Pro account at the standard hourly rate.

However, if you’re in the flying club, you are consuming those hours at the flying club rate and not the standard hourly rate. Thus your credits and purchase will last longer.

Money on account cannot be used to pay the monthly subscription or dues to the flying club.

You must have a credit card on file for flying club payments.

All flight time can be paid by money on account but not the flying club membership.

  1. Sign in to your Flight Schedule Pro account.
  2. Click on the blue “Add Funds” button.
  3. A dialog will open with multiple radio button choices for amounts that will result in credits (shown in parenthesis), the last button selection allows you to put funds on account in a denomination of your choice.

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