Fuel Surcharges

Man Refuelling a Light Aircraft

Fuel Surcharges Effective 5/31/2023

Prescott-based Aircraft
Current Leighnor Fuel Price: $6.79/gal - (F/S $7.54/gal, S/S $6.54/gal)
Price Change: +$.07

  • N836AM - $7.20
  • N7027F, N60594 - $7.92
  • N35628, N6282D - $12.96
  • N402ER, N85FF, N4240T, N239K, N249K, N35581 - $14.40
  • N92428 - $18.72

Cottonwood-based Aircraft - Current Fuel Price: $6.25/gal
Price Change: n/c

  • N226AM - $6.25
  • N3436R - $11.25

Fuel prices will be checked each Tuesday and if adjustments are required, the adjustment will be made on Wednesday's billing cycle.

Fuel surcharges are taxable services.

Leighnor Aircraft LLC has been monitoring very closely the price of aviation fuel. The current price of aviation fuel and the volatility of fuel prices forces us to announce a fuel surcharge that will go into effect on March 15th’s billing cycle. Since our last price increase in May of 2021, the cost of fuel has increased by $1.52 a gallon. To put that price change in perspective for the average Cessna 172, that’s a cost increase of $13.68 per hour of operation just in fuel.

Sadly, this is not a new problem. Since early 2021, the price of all petroleum products has done nothing but increase and inflation is also at a 40-year high.

Due to the fuel price increases and the volatility of the fuel market, Leighnor Aircraft LLC must put a fuel surcharge in effect to continue to provide the quality service our customers expect. How this charge is going to work is on all billings, a fuel surcharge line item will be added for each aircraft for the exact same number of hours that were flown. This surcharge will be reviewed each Monday and any changes will be put in on Wednesday’s billing cycle. Should fuel prices fall below the baseline fuel cost of $5.35, this number will become negative and decrease the rental price of the aircraft.

As Leighnor Aircraft LLC buys a lot of fuel from Cutter Aviation, our fuel price is not the standard rate, we are charged $.75 off the full-service price for full-service fuel as of April 2023.

Cottonwood pilots will see a different fuel surcharge due to the price differences between Cottonwood and Prescott. To illustrate the difference, today's Cottonwood price is $5.75 and Prescott's price is $6.87.

Should the volatility of the fuel prices market stabilize in the future, Leighnor Aircraft LLC will set a new baseline rental price for all aircraft and remove the fuel surcharge.

We believe the fuel surcharge is the fairest and most transparent way to handle the current Avgas price volatility situation.

We appreciate your business and thank you for flying with Leighnor Aircraft LLC!