Mulit-Engine Discovery Flights

Find out what flying a medium twin is all about with our multi-engine discovery flight!


Fly the Royalty of the Medium Twins - the Beechcraft Baron!

Are you wanting to know what flying a medium twin is like? Find out with our multi-engine discovery flight! Take to the air in our beautiful B55 Beechcraft Baron and experience first-hand what flying a twin is like and what kind of skills it takes!

The multi-engine discovery flight is for existing pilots who are looking to expand their skills into flying twin engine aircraft.

Pilots that need a twin rating are either on a professional pilot program or have a mission requirement that requires an aircraft that carries more people or more cargo than a single engine aircraft is capable of.

Get Your Rating Here!

For flight students studying for a restricted ATP rating, you have the option of getting your multi-engine or flight instructor certificate elsewhere. If you're wanting to do a multi-engine rating and fly now, Leighnor Aircraft can help you out.

Even more importantly, a Baron is a substantial twin that will provide valuable experience for pilots moving into cabin class twins such as a King Air.

Your Discovery Flight

  1. Pre-flight briefing with your flight instructor.
  2. Take the controls of the Baron with your flight instructor's assistance.
  3. After landing, your flight instructor will answer any questions you may have.
  4. Time spent during this flight will count towards flight training and we will log this flight as multi-engine training in your pilot's logbook.

Next Steps

Simply contact Leighnor Aircraft and we will set up an appointment with a certified multi-engine flight instructor who will then take care of all details. Or purchase a flight online!

Call us at 928-499-3080 or email us at and we'll make all the arrangements.