Air Tourism in Arizona with Leighnor Aircraft LLC

Arizona is an absolutely beautiful state with many stunning natural vistas. Many of these staggeringly beautiful areas are within a short flight of Prescott or Cottonwood Arizona. If you're a pilot vacationing in our area, air tourism by renting a plane from Leighnor Aircraft LLC is something you can do!

Air Tourism in Arizona at it's best!

Pilot David Horning took this photo of the Grand Canyon from the cockpit of Skycatcher N60594.

Air Tourism - This Could Be You!

Visiting pilots, you can rent our aircraft to see beautiful views just like the view pictured to the left.

Leighnor Aircraft LLC services many flight students that are not from our town. Pilots on vacation are no different. Therefore, simply complete our checkout process and you can quickly be airborne.  After that, you can admire the Grand Canyon, the red rocks of Sedona, the Dells, the mountains around Flagstaff and more.

To get started flying with us, follow the steps on our getting started page for pilots.

Visiting pilots doing air tourism are welcome to rent our aircraft as needed. Multi day rentals are available.  Our minimum rental policies are 3 hours per day during the week and 5 hours on the weekends.

Leighnor Aircraft LLC strongly recommends aircraft renter's insurance, but it is not required at this time.

If you still have questions about air tourism, please contact us.