KPRC Excessive Delays Report


Use the form on this page to submit a report of an excessive delay at Prescott Airport.

There have been reports of excessive delays experienced by pilots attempting to cross runway 21L at the Charlie 1 intersection.

Leighnor Aircraft is working with the Prescott Tower manager to attempt to minimize and remediate any excessive delays experience by pilots.

Please submit this report if you experience a delay beyond 7-10 minutes. Please be as accurate as possible and also be aware that submitting this report will very likely cause a review of ATC transmission tapes.

Please describe the resolution of the delay; for example held for 20 minutes and then crossed, had to abort flight, etc.
Please provide as much detail as possible - for example did you repeated contract the controller and were not able to proceed, how the interactions went, etc. The more information you can give us, the better. Do understand that ATC transmissions are recorded and submitting this form will likely cause a review of the tapes.