Memorial Day Special Promotions

Memorial Day Money on Account Sale

Money on Account Sale

For money put on account in the amount of $3,000 through $10,000, you will receive extra credits during the sale.  For $3,000, the extra credit amount starts at $79.50 and goes up to $265 at $10,000 purchased.  These credits are in addition to what you already receive. Flight Schedule Pro online is ready to accept your purchases. Leighnor Aircraft also accepts cash, checks, and Zelle transfers in addition to online purchases. This offer is good starting immediately through 6 PM on May 31st. All other terms and conditions regarding money on account apply and are outlined in Leighnor Aircraft's Rental Agreement.

Standard Rate Flight Discounts

For all Standard Rate Flights, billed on May 24th through May 31st, a discount of $5/hour will be automatically applied to the flight. This discount does not apply to any other flight rate, such as Wings Above Yavapai.

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