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N226AM Aeroprakt A22LS
N226AM Aeroprakt A22LS

Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat N226AM


N226AM is a 2021 Aeroprakt A22LS, serial number 415. The aircraft is powered by a  Rotax 912ULS engine of 100 hp. An A22LS is a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and may be flown with a Sport Pilot Certificate as a minimum requirement.

ADS-B: In/Out

Location: This aircraft is parked at the Cottonwood ramp in shade parking spot #3.

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Our current insurance deductibles for any accident are:

  • Not in motion - $2,500
  • In motion - $5,000

Leighnor Aircraft LLC requires pilots to carry renter's insurance with at least a $5,000 coverage for physical damage to non-owned aircraft.  Visit our rental insurance page to learn more.