How do I learn to fly?

This page is the starting point on your journey to become a pilot and what you have to do in order to start flying lessons with a Leighnor Aircraft LLC approved flight instructor. The first question you need to be able to answer is whether or not aviation is a career choice or you're becoming a pilot for a non-career reason. If you don't know and you're thinking about learning to fly, then we recommend you take a Discovery Flight. A Discovery Flight is like a mini flying lesson and will put you behind the controls of an airplane.

If your aviation interest is more hobby-based, talk to your flight instructor about the Sport Pilot certificate, which may be more affordable. Any of our flight instructors can fill you in on the requirements and pros and cons of each type of pilot's certificate.

How can I save money flying?

Wings Above Yavapai Membership

Wings Above Yavapai is our discount membership that reduces the hourly rate that is charged for aircraft rental.  Click on "Read More" to learn about Wings Above Yavapai.

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Credits for Money on Account

We offer flight credits when you place money on account with us. Credits are similar to purchasing block time, however credits may be used for any aircraft instead of a specific type of aircraft. Click "Read More" to see our FAQ for credits for money on account.

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