Redbird FMX Flight Simulator

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The Redbird FMX provides for 3-axis of motion simulation. 40 degrees of roll, 50 degrees of pitch and 60 degrees of yaw provide pilots a realistic motion sensation that allows for a quicker transition from simulator to the airplane. Six wrap-around monitors also provide for a very realistic visual simulation of the flight environment.

Experience the Realism of Redbird Today!

The Redbird FMX is a superior-quality, full motion, feature-rich Advanced Aviation Training Device priced with real-world flight training organizations in mind. With standard features that are anything but standard such as wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, quick-change configurations, scenario-based training compatibility and an electric motion platform, the FMX serves up a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices on the market.

With the current Letter of Authorization the Redbird can be used for dual instruction for the following operations. They must be conducted in accordance with the Part 61 of the Federal Aviation regulations.

61.51(b)(3) Logbook entries
61.51 (h) Logging training time
61.57(c)(2) Instrument experience
61.57(c)(4)(iii) Instrument experience
61.57(c)(5)(ii) Instrument experience
61.57(d)(1)(ii) Instrument proficiency check, per the Instrument PTS
61.65(h)(2) Instrument rating: up to 20 hours
61.109(k)(1) Private Pilot Certificate Aeronautical experience: up to 2.5 hours
61.129(i)(1)(i) Commercial Pilot Certificate: up to 50 hours
61.159(a)(3)(i) Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: up to 25 hours

Motion Does Matter!

Redbird Motion

Available Redbird Configurations

Redbird C172-S
  • Represents a Cessna 172
  • Standard, Analog 6-Pack
  • Redbird 430/530 GPS
  • Redbird KAP140 Autopilot
  • Control-loading Yoke and Vernier throttle/mixture controls
Redbird C172-G GFC700
  • Represents a Cessna 172
  • Redbird G1000
  • Redbird GFC700 Autopilot
  • Control-loading Yoke and Vernier throttle/mixture controls
Redbird SR20-G Avidyne
  • Represents a Cirrus SR-20
  • Redbird Avidyne
  • Dual Redbird 430 GPS
  • Redbird S-Tec 55 Autopilot
  • Control-loading side-stick controller and lever throttle/mixture controls
Redbird SR22-G Perspective
  • Represents a Cirrus SR-22
  • Redbird Perspective
  • Redbird GFC700 Autopilot
  • Control-loading side-stick controller and lever throttle/mixture controls

Redbird Rental Rates

The Redbird FMX flight simulator has two rental rates just like all other aircraft:

  • $89/hour - standard rate
  • $82/hour - Wings Above Yavapai rate

Note that when aircraft visuals are present, the Hobbs meter is running, regardless of whether the simulator is paused.

Operating Rules

  1. Absolutely no food or drink in simulator.
  2. Only authorized personnel are allowed to change simulator configurations.
  3. A checkout by an instructor is required.
  4. When leaving the simulator cabin, both seats are faced forward and seat belts fastened on seats.
  5. Instructor's device is stowed on the instructor's seat (right) or charging on the simulator room table.

Next Steps

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