Give the Gift of Flight!

Pilot's Getting Started Guide

Give Flight Credits to a Pilot

Give a pilot or student pilot you know the gift of flight!

This form allows you to purchase flight credits for use at Leighnor Aircraft to rent aircraft for solo rental or dual instruction rental.

If the recipient has an account with Leighnor Aircraft, your purchase will be credited to their account. If no account exists, Leighnor Aircraft will help the recipient set up an account and get flying!

If you have questions or need guidance on which flight to purchase, please call Leighnor aircraft at 928-499-3080.

Purchase flight credits as a gift to another person.
Please let us know who is giving the gift of flight.
Please select the amount of your gift.
$ 0.00
Please provide a phone number for Leighnor Aircraft to notify the recipient of the gift of flight.
Please provide an email if available.
Leighnor Aircraft will credit the amount of Flight Credits purchased to the recipient's Flight Schedule Pro account. In the event that a Flight Schedule Pro account does not exist, Leighnor Aircraft will work with the recipient to create a Flight Schedule Pro account that will be credited with the amount of the credits purchased.