Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat - The Affordable Perfect Primary Trainer

Leighnor Aircraft LLC is the United States Southwest Dealer for the Aeroprakt line of very affordable yet high performance Light Sport Aircraft. We are based out of Prescott and Cottonwood Arizona.

If you're looking for a rugged aircraft that's easy to handle, has amazing short field performance, yet is capable of cruising at 95+ knots, while (legally) carrying a good load - you've come to the right place!

But first, here are six basic reasons to have a long hard look at an Aeroprakt A22LS:

  1. The A22LS is a very short take-off and landing (VSTOL) aircraft

    So what? Simply – control and safety. Getting off and back on to the ground quickly, at a slow speed, means less wear & tear on the landing gear, and less potential damage to the propeller from stones and gravel. And less inertia to bring to a halt if the unthinkable happens on take-off or landing!

  2. There is a huge amount of room in the cabin

    It’s probably the biggest, airiest cabin in its class. This means that whether you’re learning, or flying with a friend, you’re not jammed shoulder to shoulder, the controls are easier to use, and room to move makes for greater safety all round. And with the optional "tall man" package, even big pilots can fit in this amazing small aircraft.

  3. The visibility is amazing

    The doors are glazed to the floor, the windscreen is massive and even the rear section of the fuselage is glazed. If you’re learning to fly in the A22LS, this makes for superb circuit visibility. If you’re flying a ground search mission, you can see almost straight down without banking. And if you’re touring, you can see everything on the ground for miles around. The seats are positioned correctly, so tall people do not get a sore neck having to duck down to see under the wing in flight and yet can easily see over the nose.

  4. The flight handling is superbly balanced and safe

    Stalling is a non-event, even without flaps. There is no tendency at all to drop a wing and you can side-slip safely with or without flaps. At slow speeds, the controls are light and effective - at higher speeds they firm-up and make cruising a more relaxed affair than in some sensitive ‘performance’ related aircraft.

  5. The A22LS has a metal airframe

    So? In two words, safety & durability. Plus, it's much easier to repair than a composite airframe.

    Safety: an all-metal airframe has good impact characteristics. Metal will bend and absorb forces before breaking, helping to protect occupants in the event of an accident. In comparison, composites do not absorb impacts well, usually fragmenting suddenly without bending.

    Durability: correctly proofed, metal structures are durable and resistant to the external environment. Unlike composites, metal is not susceptible to structural changes caused by UV radiation, high temperatures and other weather effects. For example, composites can become significantly weakened if the surface temperature rises above 40C - very easily done in even mild sunlight on a hot summer day.

  6. Last but not least, the A22LS is easy to get into and out of

    Fed up of contorting yourself to get over the control sticks? Or jamming your legs to get under the control yokes? Forget it in the A22LS. The center stick makes entry and exit as simple as getting into and out of bed. Even the optional control yokes are set high so you can just slide in under them

    The A22LS is used extensively in Australia by outback ranchers. The A22LS lands in tight places on fields and rutted pastures. This is a seriously tough aircraft.

    Did we mention empty weight? Around 700 pounds. That gives the A22LS a useful load of over 600 pounds!

    Don't take our word for it. See what AOPA says in an article about a FACE OFF between a Super Cub on floats and an A22LS on floats.

A22LS Interior


Length: 6.30 m (20 ft 8 in)

Wingspan: 10.10 m (33 ft 1¾ in)

Height: 2.40 m (7 ft 10½ in)

Wing area: 13.70 m2 (147.5 ft2)

Empty weight: about 700 lb (varies by installed options)

Max. takeoff weight: 1320 lb

Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 912ULS flat-4 engine, (100 hp)


Maximum speed: 204 km/h (110 knots, 126 mph)

Cruise speed: 167 km/h (90 knots, 104 mph)

Stall speed: 52 km/h (28 knots, 32 mph)

Range: 1,100 km (594 nmi, 683 mi)

Service ceiling: 16,000 feet

Rate of climb: 984 ft/min (5.0 m/s)

Minimum power/mass: 9.9 lbs/hp

A22 Final

Why should a flight school consider the A22LS?

The A22LS is a very rugged aircraft, powered by the economical Rotax engine. A 2-seat trainer consumes half the fuel that a 4-seat trainer does and it's acquisition cost is a fraction of that 4-seat aircraft. Your school can probably buy 3-4 of these aircraft for the price of the popular Cessna 172 aircraft that's used in many primary training environments.

Better yet, condition inspections on this aircraft are the simplest inspection in the LSA aircraft class as you can basically see everything you need to inspect. No removing hundreds of screws to get a lot of inspection panels off.

The aircraft may be customized extensively, from avionics to the optional tall man panel to choice of controls, you may get the aircraft that works best for your school!

The best news yet, it all starts for less than $90,000!

Would you believe it starts at under $90K??? 20% down and the balance is due upon delivery.

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