Take a Discovery Flight

Get in the left seat and actually FLY an airplane, no experience necessary! All ages welcome!

Sedona - 01162020

Experience the Freedom of Flight First-hand!

We want you to experience how fun flying is, and there is no better way to experience the thrill of flying than through a Discovery Flight. Our Certified Flight Instructor will review the essentials with you, and be your co-pilot as you both take an hour flight around scenic northern Arizona.

Why Take a Discovery Flight?

Discovery Flights are great for:

  • Prospective students to experience what flight training is really like (your discovery flight will count towards training hours!)
  • Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas & Holiday gifts
  • The experience of a lifetime

We LOVE Discovery Flights, because it gives us the opportunity to share our passion for flying with you and enjoy the excitement of a first flight all over again!

For details on what to expect on your Discovery Flight, click here.

A Special Offer!

For the price of dinner and a movie, you can get in the air.

But this movie will be real-life action-adventure and unfold below the wings of your airplane as you fly around scenic northern Arizona.

Experience the freedom of flight and learn what flight training is really like.

Your Discovery Flight

  1. Pre-flight briefing with your flight instructor.
  2. Take the controls of an aircraft with your flight instructor's assistance.
  3. After landing, your flight instructor will answer any questions you may have.
  4. Time spent during this flight will count towards flight training and we will present you with a pilot's logbook with your flight logged.

Next Steps

Simply contact Leighnor Aircraft LLC and we will set up an appointment with a certified flight instructor who will then take care of all details. Or purchase a flight online!

Call us at 928-499-3080 or email us at flying@LeighnorAircraft.com and we'll make all the arrangements.