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Experience the Realism of Redbird FMX!

Is it real or is it Redbird? Step into our realistic Redbird FMX flight simulator that features 3-axis of full motion allowing you to feel what it's like to fly a small aircraft.

For your simulated flight experience, you will start out at Prescott Regional Airport, Ernest A Love Field on Runway 21L. You will take off and fly over the city of Prescott. Then it's on to the student pilot practice area to fly the aircraft. Your journey ends with a landing back on Runway 21L at Prescott Airport.

The Simulated Flight Experience is 40 minutes with one of Leighnor Aircraft's flight instructors in the simulator. Flights can be as simple or as complex as desired.

BonusLeighnor Aircraft at the time of your Simulated Flight Experience will offer you the opportunity to purchase any Discovery Flight with a 10% discount OR schedule a lesson in one of our aircraft and we'll discount that flight rental 15%.

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Price: $109.05
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