Safety & Operations Reporting Form

Safety First

If You See Something, Say Something!

Leighnor Aircraft LLC is totally committed to safety and making our aircraft, environment, and processes as safe as possible. We continually strive to find and fix any issues that may compromise safety and professional flight operations.

We can't see everything and are asking our customers and any person to report any issues to us. If something concerns you, please report it here!

Reports may be anonymous or if you'd like Leighnor Aircraft LLC to report the results of our investigation to you, please supply your contact information.

Provide a summary of the issue you are reporting.
If this report is specific to an event of some kind, please let us know the date and approximate time of the incident. If there is no date or time attached to your report event, please enter the current date and time.
Please provide as much detail as possible including what you believe really caused the problem, and what can be done to prevent a recurrence, or correct the situation. Some examples are: How the problem arose; Contributing factors; How it was discovered; Corrective actions; Perceptions, judgements, decisions; Factors affecting the quality of human performance; Actions or inactions. If a person or Leighnor Aircraft Employee was involved, please indicate all parties.
Reports may be anonymous. If you would like Leighnor Aircraft to follow up with you regarding your concerns, please select that you'd like a response and provide your contact information in the fields below.