Flight Packages

Leighnor Aircraft LLC offers package-priced flight training programs. These packages consist of everything you need to get that rating or go from "Zero to Hero" with all the ratings needed to become a professional pilot. We also have financing available for qualified students through Stratus Financial, which is a finance company that is run by aviators for aviators.

Private Pilot

$ 18,787.88
  • Everything you need to get your Private Pilot Certificate - aircraft, instructor, check ride, and supplies to get you started!


$ 12,416.55
  • Everything needed to get your Instrument Rating - aircraft, instructor, simulator time, and check ride all included.

Time Build

$ 25,083.83
  • If you're going for the Professional Pilot Program, you need to build time flying an aircraft to get qualified to start the Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Commercial Pilot

$ 10,650.16
  • Everything you need to get your Commercial Pilot's Certificate - aircraft, instructor, and check ride.


$ 9,070.62
  • Become a flight instructor and get paid to teach other pilots to fly!


$ 7,322.25
  • Learn to fly a multi-engine aircraft in our advanced DA42 light twin trainers!


$ 6,716.94
  • Add the CFII rating to be able to teach other pilots their Instrument Rating.


$ 9,853.38
  • Add the Multi-Engine Instructor rating to be able to teach other pilots to fly multi-engine aircraft.

Zero to Hero

$ 99,901.60
  • Includes it ALL! Start knowing nothing about flying and airplanes and graduate from this program with ALL of the above ratings and certificates. Includes all aircraft time, instructor time, simulator time, supplies, and check rides for all the above certificates and ratings. This program is for the complete professional pilot package.

What's Included?

Each flight package allocates aircraft time, instructor time, check ride cost, and other supplies for some ratings. Please click on the link below to display a table of the allocated times for each package.

All students learn at a slightly different rate and these packages were designed to meet the needs of the majority of students. Some students may require extra time or instruction to complete their rating or certificate.

Package Allocations Table

Stratus Financial

Leighnor Aircraft LLC has partnered with Stratus Financial to finance all of our package offerings. Stratus Financial is a company that is run by pilots for pilots.

If you're interested in financing options, please go to the Stratus Financial page to learn more and apply for a loan.

Stratus Financial