Parental Consent Form

For those pilots or Discovery Flight participants under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian's permission is required by Leighnor Aircraft. The reason for this requirement is that both these documents are legal agreements and require an adult's signature. To make it easy for our under the legal age pilots or Discovery Flight participants, this online consent form may be used by a parent or legal guardian to give their permission for you to participate.

Provide the name of the minor (under 18) that you are giving consent for
Name of the person giving consent to the minor's activity
An email address that Leighnor Aircraft can use to contact you to verify this information.
A contact phone number that Leighnor Aircraft can use to verify this information.
Your relationship to the minor
By your signature, you are giving consent to your minor child under age 18 to undertake the activity on this form. You are also stating that you have reviewed the document your minor child has signed and that you are in agreement with all terms and conditions within that document.