Money on Account Refund Request Form

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Use the form below to request a refund from your account in Flight Schedule Pro.

Here are the links to both the online and PDF versions of the Leighnor Aircraft Rental Agreement which all renters are required to sign. This agreement governs the refund process and what monies are refundable.

Online: Leighnor Aircraft Rental Agreement
PDF: Leighnor Aircraft Rental Agreement

For large amounts, a return to credit card on file may not be possible. Zelle and Venmo also impose limits. In these cases, a check will be issued.
Once your request has been processed, do you want Leighnor Aircraft to set your Flight Schedule Pro account with us to an Inactive status? Please note that if you answer "Yes" to this question, you will be unable to log in to Leighnor Aircraft Flight Schedule Pro once your account is inactive. You will need to contact Leighnor Aircraft to reactive your account if you want access again.
Money on account, if the purchase has been over 6 months or longer, is subject to administrative fees as outlined in the Rental Agreement you signed once you started renting with Leighnor Aircraft. Leighnor Aircraft will refund all money due the renter to the credit card on file if possible. If we are unable to refund to the credit card on file, we will issue a refund either via a Zelle transfer or company check. If money is refunded to the credit card on file, it can take 7 to 10 business days for the money to appear back in your account.

I further understand that all credits received for placing money on account and all referral credits will be backed out of my Flight Schedule Pro account before any refund balance is calculated. Once the money due the renter is calculated, then any administrative fees will be assessed if applicable.
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By signing this form, I am requesting and authorizing Leighnor Aircraft to return the requested monies due me from my Flight Schedule Pro flight account. I am further authorizing Leighnor Aircraft to set my Flight Schedule Pro account status as requested in this form.