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Flight Instructors

Hear are the flight instructors that are authorized to provide instruction and give checkouts in Leighnor Aircraft airplanes. Leighnor Aircraft is not a flight school and these instructors are local independent instructors that are working with us to provide quality flight instruction. Fees charged and payment arrangements are made with each instructor individually.

If you're an independent flight instructor and want another aircraft option to instruct student pilots in, please contact us and we can work with you to get you authorized to provide instruction in our aircraft.


Flight Instructor

Ed Kalabus

Ed is a retired airline captain and long-time resident of Prescott. He owns and flies a Cessna 140.

Call Ed Kalabus at 928-713-9256
Email Ed at

Dave Simenauer
Dave Simenauer

Flight Instructor

David Simenauer

Dave is a retired Air Traffic Controler, with flight instructor credentials for instrument and multi-engine aircraft. Dave owns a Thorp T-18 (Experimental) that is based at Prescott.

Call Dave Simenauer at (h) 928-487-7596 or
(c) 703-509-9181
Email Dave at


Flight Instructor

Greg MacCauley

Greg is the line operations manager at Legend Aviation and a flight instructor.

Call Greg MacCauley at 805-341-5887
Email Greg at