Wings Above Yavapai Membership Actions Form

I am applying for membership in Wings Above Yavapai. I understand this membership incurs a monthly membership fee of $34.95 plus tax that will be automatically charged to my account at the time of joining and monthly thereafter. By signing this application, I am authorizing such charges until I cancel membership in Wings Above Yavapai.

Wings Above Yavapai provides the following benefits to members:

  1. The lowest rate on rental aircraft on a per hour basis.
  2. No liability for insurance deductibles. In the event of an accident, Leighnor Aircraft will pay the insurance deductible. I also understand that by signing this form that this does not relieve me of liability if any FAA or NTSB accident investigation finds fault with the pilot’s actions. We recommend renter’s insurance be carried by all pilots to cover such circumstances.
  3. Membership may be cancelled submitting the below form with the membership action of "Cancel Membership". We must have 15 days’ notice of cancellation to ensure your account does not get charged in the coming month. If 15 days’ notice was not provided, your account will be cancelled the following month.
Wings Above Yavapai

Wings Above Yavapai Membership Actions