Purchase a Discovery Flight

N836AM Panel

Get Behind the Controls

You are just one step from getting behind the controls of a small aircraft and experiencing flight from a totally different perspective.

Use the form on this page to purchase a Discovery Flight for either yourself or a guest of your choosing.

Once you purchase a Discovery Flight, Leighnor Aircraft LLC will contact you or your guest to schedule the flight. Discovery Flights are subject to weather conditions as we want your flight to be a memory of a lifetime.

You may purchase a flight in the LSA aircraft or a flight for up to 2 people in the Cessna 172/Piper 180 or 3 people in the Cessna 182. All Discovery Flights are an hour in flight time.

If you have questions or need guidance on which flight to purchase, please call Leighnor Aircraft LLC at 928-499-3080. If you need a larger aircraft or desire a pickup, please call our office to book your flight.

Purchase a Discovery Flight for yourself or gift a Discovery Flight to another person.
If you are purchasing the Discovery Flight for someone else, please put your name here and answer "Yes" on the question about this Discovery Flight being a gift.
Please let us know if one of our flight instructors referred you for this flight or you wish to request a specific instructor.
Each airport has different aircraft available and different tax rates that apply to the Discovery Flight purchase.
Total amount of Discovery Flight, which includes state of Arizona, county, city and airport taxes/fees as appropriate.
Please enter any special requests; specific dates/days/times or places you'd like to fly over.
Discovery Flights purchased online must be used within 90 days of date of purchase. No refunds will be made after 90 days from date of purchase has elapsed. Refunds within the 90-day purchase time will be subject to a 5% fee of purchase price to cover credit card fees and processing.

Leighnor Aircraft LLC will make reasonable attempts to accommodate Discovery Flight Guest's special requests, such as flying over a specific location (ex. your home) or local landmarks. All Discovery Flight guests are strongly encouraged to read our web page on Discovery Flights and what to expect prior to scheduling your Discovery Flight.

All flights conducted by Leighnor Aircraft LLC will be in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and no exceptions will be made for any reason.

Aircraft and passenger number changes may be made at the time of scheduling the Discovery Flight, however additional charges will be required for any upgrades.

Leighnor Aircraft LLC reserves the right to reschedule Discovery Flights for pilot related concerns such as illness, weather and other natural disasters. Leighnor Aircraft wants your Discovery Flight to be a pleasant and wonderful experience as we share our passion with potentially new aviators. We will make every effort to make your Discovery Flight a memory that will last a lifetime.