Light Sport Aircraft Information

The Cessna C-162 Skycatcher and the Aeroprakt A22LS are Light Sport Aircraft that can be flown by pilots holding a Sport Pilot Certificate as a minimum requirement. This page has links to various external sites and documents that help you understand the definition of a Light Sport Aircraft and the various types of pilot certificates.

In general, a Light Sport Aircraft has a maximum takeoff gross weight of 1,320 pounds, a maximum stall speed of 51 mph, a maximum speed in level flight of 138 mph and no more than 2 seats.

For aspiring pilots, there are three different types of pilot certificates that have different training requirements. These three certificates are the Sport Pilot Certificate, Recreational Pilot Certificate and Private Pilot Certificate. Visit the Pilot's Certificate's link to understand what each certificate requires.

Light Sport Aircraft are ideal aircraft for primary flight instruction and for those pilots looking to build license time requirements in an affordable manner. The lower cost of acquisition and lower operating costs translates into far more affordable rental rates for the pilot.

FAA Light Sport Brochure

Read the brochure from the Federal Aviation Administration on Light Sport Aviation.

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EAA's Sport Pilot Information

Visit the EAA's page on how to become a Sport Pilot.

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AOPA's Sport Pilot Information

Visit the AOPA's page on Frequently Asked Questions about Sport Pilot privileges. 

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Pilot's Certificates

This chart from the AOPA has a very good summary of the training requirements for aspiring pilots.

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