Request KPRC General Aviation Gates Code

Prescott Airport

On July 1st, 2020, Prescott Airport changed all the access codes on all the general aviation gates to the airport.

Leighnor Aircraft provides the Prescott Regional Airport gate codes to our customers to allow access to our rental aircraft 24x7x365.

The city of Prescott will hold Leighnor Aircraft responsible for any unauthorized accesses to the airport. We are requiring our customers to request access to the gate codes and to certify that they are aware of the penalties and potential consequences of misuse.

In order for Leighnor Aircraft to provide access, customers have to acknowledge reading and knowing the airport rules, which are located here.

Please fill out the following form to request a general aviation gate access code. Note that your information must match up with Leighnor Aircraft's Flight Schedule Pro system in order for us to release an access code to you.

Please enter your name as it is entered in the Flight Schedule Pro system.
Please provide your email just in case we need to contact you regarding this request.
Please enter your phone number just in case we need to contact you regarding this request.
Link to KPRC Airport Rules

Airfield “Movement Area” Incursion Avoidance

Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) personnel have observed both aircraft and ground vehicles entering “movement areas” without proper authorization. Accordingly, please remember the following rules:

• ATCT contact is required before an aircraft can access any movement area, during ATCT hours of operation.

• When accessing the self-serve fuel tank or operating on/near the North Ramp and bottleneck areas, you must remain clear of all movement areas unless you have ATCT clearance, including Taxiway B-4 and Taxiway B.

• Access to any movement areas by pedestrians or vehicles is prohibited without prior permission from Airport Management and the ATCT. Possession of an aviation radio does not give pedestrians or vehicle operators the right to access movement areas!

By checking the box above, I acknowledge that I have read and understand these rules as they apply to me as a rental customer of Leighnor Aircraft.
The airport movement area may not be accessed by anyone without clearance from ATC and in some cases the airport manager. The maximum City of Prescott fine for a movement area incursion is $2500 per occurrence. A violation of this rule may also result in revocation of the aircraft storage permit and/or airfield access privileges.

For rental customers of Leighnor Aircraft, any violation of these rules that results in any kind of enforcement action will immediately result in the loss of rental privileges and fines equal to any fines assessed to Leighnor Aircraft.

If you do not understand the movement area, please ask Leighnor Aircraft staff.
By my signature, I further acknowledge that I have read the KPRC airport rules and I also understand the potential consequences of violating the airport movement area.