Fuel Reimbursement Request

Man Refuelling a Light Aircraft

Use the form on this page to submit a request for reimbursement for fuel you personally purchased.

Leighnor Aircraft rents aircraft at a "dry" rate and fuel is charged separately. If you are at a non-local airport, keep a copy of your fuel receipt and Leighnor Aircraft will reimburse you for fuel costs, either on your flight invoice if the fuel reimbursement request is submitted in a timely manner or on your Flight Schedule Pro account if not.

Leighnor Aircraft only reimburses fuel costs and fuel taxes. Landing fees, tie-down fees or any other airport fee of any kind are not reimbursed.

Please upload a copy of your receipt with the relevant information clearly showing. To have fuel expenses deducted directly from the flight expense, any fuel receipts needs to be submitted when the plane is checked in. Doing so ensures the fuel expenses will be deducted from the flight, otherwise any fuel reimbursement will be added to your Flight Schedule Pro account as credits.

Allowable file extensions: PDF, JPG, JPEG and GIF.

Please enter your name exactly as your name is entered in the Flight Schedule Pro system.
Enter your email so we can contact you if there are any questions on this reimbursement request.
Enter your phone so we can contact you if there are any questions on this reimbursement request.
Select the aircraft tail number this reimbursement is for.
Enter the amount of reimbursement requested. This amount is fuel and fuel taxes only. Any airport fees are not reimbursed.
Enter the date the aircraft was checked out in Flight Schedule Pro.