Wings Above Yavapai Membership

The Wings Above Yavapai membership is designed for pilots that want to fly more frequently. The break-even cost of rental rate for the W-A-Y membership versus our other rates is approximately 3 hours per month. The more you fly, the more you save!

The Benefits of Wings Above Yavapai

Lowest Rate

The W-A-Y membership rental rate will be the lowest rental rate that Leighnor Aircraft LLC offers, now and in the future. We guarantee it!

Easy To Join

To join Wings Above Yavapai, all you need to do is fill out a simple online application form. Once we receive the form and process it, your Flight Schedule Pro account will be updated with the W-A-Y rental rates.

A22LS Inflight

To Join Wings Above Yavapai

If you're a brand new pilot, please visit our Getting Started page and register for Flight Schedule Pro. Then fill the online Aircraft Renter Application Form and Rental Agreement. Once you've done those tasks, return to this page and  fill out the online Wings Above Yavapai Application Form.

Once we have approved your rental and W-A-Y membership application, your Flight Schedule Pro account will be modified to bill your flights at the W-A-Y rates. In addition, an automatic charge will be set up monthly on the date your subscription started in the amount of the membership dues plus tax.

Wings Above Yavapai members are required to keep a credit card on file in Flight Schedule Pro for membership dues.

To cancel your membership, simply notify us at least 15 days before your membership renews so we can get the automatic charge taken off of your account. Use the online form to request your membership cancellation.

If you still have questions about Wings Above Yavapai, please contact us.