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Website What's New

8/20/2023 - We have two new features on the website. The first is the fully built-out document library which now contains all existing aircraft documents and avionics manuals. Access to the document library is from any page footer or the Info menu.

The second new feature is the Pilot Resources page. This page has helpful links to Federal Aviation Administration sites, flight planning, and weather. Access to this page can be found in the page footer and the Info menu.

1/21/2022 - We've added a style change to the home page indicator - now when something is new on this page, the indicator will be blue.

The big release today is the new Leighnor Aircraft Knowledge Base. This is a searchable repository of help information that has detailed help information on Leighnor Aircraft and Flight Schedule Pro.

There are links to the Knowledge Base in all the page footers as well as the Info menu. Quick access to the Knowledge Base can be gained by using the URL https://kb.leighnoraircraft.com.

As part of the KB rollout, the FAQ system was rebuilt inside of the knowledge base.

1/14/2022 - We've added a lot of the ASA books to our Amazon store, so pilots needing publications can get what they need and help support Leighnor Aircraft by shopping from our page HERE.

1/9/2022 - The "Website What's New" flyout panel was added to the Leighnor Aircraft home page. This panel is intended to provide updates to our website users on new functions that have been added to the website.

1/1/2022 - There is a new shortcut to get to your Flight Schedule Pro login page very quickly - simply use this URL: https://fsp.leighnoraircraft.com and you'll go right to the Flight Schedule Pro login page from any device.

Financing Now Available!

With our flight packages and financing from Stratus Financial, we've got your path to the sky!

Pilots on Vacation

If you're a pilot vacationing in the area, renting a plane from Leighnor Aircraft isn't difficult.

Photo credit: Pilot David Horning from the cockpit of N60594.

Pilot's Getting Started Guide

Want Free Flying?

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Accomplish More Fly with Leighnor!

Leighnor Aircraft has one of the most diverse aircraft rental fleets in Arizona!

Discover Flying!

For the price of dinner and a movie, you can take a Discovery Flight that will put you in the pilot's seat and show you what flight training is really like.

About Us

Leighnor Aircraft LLC was new to Prescott in 2017, but the history of our company dates back to the end of the Second World War and the three brothers known as "The Flying Leighnors".

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Read our company history...

Flight Instructors

Leighnor Aircraft LLC rents aircraft and provides flight instruction under FAR part 61. If you have a Flight Instructors Certificate and a passion to teach, contact us! Click to see the instructors authorized to instruct in our aircraft.

See our instructors...


Get more information on our Aircraft rental fleet. From Pilot's Operating Handbooks to avionics manuals to photo galleries, it's all right here!


As part of our rental fleet, we have Light Sport Aircraft (LSAs) which allows for a far more affordable option to getting your pilot's license or building time.

Read more on Light Sport Aviation...

Are you ready to find out how easy it is to get flying?

With a modern web-based scheduling system and 24-hour access to our aircraft, it's really easy to get flying quickly and fly when you want to!


A modern web-based scheduling system that makes scheduling an airplane as simple
as point-n-click!


Our managing member has been involved with general aviation all his life and has been managing rental aircraft since 2011.


We are committed to providing clean and well-maintained aircraft to our pilot renters and are strongly committed to aviation safety.

Leighnor Aircraft LLC - Prescott Flight Campus

Click on the map image to go to an interactive Google Map.


Leighnor Aircraft LLC's main headquarters is located at 6418 MacCurdy Dr. at the Prescott Regional Airport.

Our flight campus may be accessed off of state highway 89 by turning into the airport's main entrance at MacCurdy Drive. Our building is located at the junction of MacCurdy Drive and Janine Drive and is on the left-hand side of the road as you enter the airport.

The pilot's lounge in our headquarters building offers free water, coffee and hot tea. A toaster oven and microwave oven are also available for our pilot's use.

Aircraft hangars are just north of the flight campus in the Charlie and Delta hangars.

Office hours are 8 to 6 PM, Mon-Sat, 10 to 2 PM Sun.

Leighnor Aircraft LLC - Cottonwood


Leighnor Aircraft LLC is now located inside the Cottonwood Municipal Airport Terminal.

Access the terminal by turning off 89A on West Mingus Avenue towards Mingus mountain and the airport. (West)

Continue on West Mingus Avenue until you reach the Cottonwood Airport Terminal, which will be on the left-hand side of the road after you pass the runway.

The 24-hour access code to the terminal is 1215. This is also the gate code to get to the side door with the keypad entry.

Our office is just across from the restrooms and is a sliding glass door. There is a lockbox on the sliding glass door handle which will contain the key to the sliding glass door.

Amenities in the terminal include restrooms, water and vending machines along with tables and chairs which can be used for flight briefings.  The office has a coffee machine.

Click on the map image to go to an interactive Google Map.


If you would like to visit Leighnor Aircraft LLC and see our airplanes and facilities, please visit our Prescott Flight Campus during business hours. Our Cottonwood location is by appointment only. To make an appointment, please call us at 928-499-3080 or email us at flying@LeighnorAircraft.com.