Leighnor Aircraft - Cottonwood - Interactive Map


Leighnor Aircraft is now located inside the Cottonwood Municipal Airport Terminal.

Access the terminal by turning off 89A on West Mingus Avenue towards Mingus mountain and the airport. (West)

Continue on West Mingus Avenue until you reach the Cottonwood Airport Terminal, which will be on the left-hand side of the road after you pass the runway.

The 24-hour access code to the terminal is 1215. This is also the gate code to get to the side door with the keypad entry.

Our office is just across from the restrooms and is a sliding glass door. There is a lockbox on the sliding glass door handle which will contain the key to the sliding glass door.

Amenities in the terminal include restrooms, water and vending machines along with tables and chairs which can be used for flight briefings.  The office has a coffee machine.