Leighnor Aircraft - Cottonwood - Interactive Map


Our hangar is on the east and south side of the airport, just west of Highway 89A.

Access the hangar complex by turning off 89A on West Mingus Avenue towards Mingus mountain and the airport. (West)

Turn left on South Airpark Rd. right before you get to the airport. South Airpark Road will bear to the left at Flip City Gym and you will make an immediate right turn to stay on South Airpark Road. Continue to where South Airpark Road ends in a cul-de-sac and hangar #3 will be right there.

There is a lock-box to the left of the entrance door containing a key to allow entrance once you have been checked out in our aircraft.

Our aircraft are in hangar #3. For your convenience, there is water, coffee, pop and snacks in hangar #3.