Leighnor Aircraft LLC Referral Program

How cool is free flying? That's what you can get with the Leighnor Aircraft LLC Referral Program, which will reward you for referring new pilots and when those pilots fly, you earn free flying! Here is how the program works:

Sign Up Bonus

When you refer a new pilot and that pilot signs up and completes one hour of billable flying time, you will get rewarded with a credit of an hour of free flying time in your Flight Schedule Pro account.

Note - one hour is the LSA standard rate amount.

Bank Even More Money

Once a referred pilot has completed their first billable hour, you continue to earn referral credits on all flight time after that first hour. For every hour the referred pilot flies, you will be credited with a tenth of an hour credit at standard billing rate.

Program Limitations

  1. The referring pilot must already be signed up and flying with Leighnor Aircraft LLC.
  2. As long as the referring pilot is actively flying, these credits will not expire.
  3. Referral credits are not refundable as cash.
  4. Referrals will be validated before any credit award is made.

Get Started Earning Free Flying!