Discovery Flight Monthly Giveaway


Want to be a Pilot?

If you've ever wanted to be a pilot, now is your opportunity! Leighnor Aircraft is going to be giving away a Discovery Flight per month.

This flight is not a scenic air tour - Discovery Flights will consist of an introductory flight lesson with you at the controls. Flights originating in Prescott will be in the practice area north of the airport. Flights originating in Cottonwood will be out in the Verde Valley and north of Cottonwood.

Here's how the giveaway will work. Submit your entry below.  We will collect all entries for the month and randomly pick a winner. The entry picked will get the free Discovery Flight and have 90 days to use the flight from the time of notification. Should the entrant decline the flight, we'll repeat the process.

Each email address may submit one entry per month.

Enter to win a Discovery Flight from Leighnor Aircraft!
Selected Value: 69
Your height in inches.
Selected Value: 170
Your weight in pounds.
Contest entrants understand that a Discovery Flight is an introductory flight specifically structured as a beginning flying lesson and your participation in this lesson is part of the experience. The Discovery Flight is not a scenic air tour. For Discovery Flights originating in Prescott, the Discovery Flights will be conducted north of the city of Prescott in the flight training practice area or out in the Verde Valley if the flight originates from our Cottonwood location.

The Discovery Flight will be conducted in a 2-seat LSA trainer if the entrant's height and weight fall within the size and weight requirements of these aircraft. A larger aircraft such as a Cessna 172 may be substituted for heavier or taller pilot candidates.

The Discovery Flight Giveaway will award a Discovery Flight once a month. The winner will be chosen the last day of the contest month and notified by the 5th day of the month following the contest period, which runs monthly. Upon being notified, winners will have 48 hours to accept the flight. Winners will have 90 days to take their Discovery Flight after being notified.

There will be no substitutions or add-ons.

Winners will be selected by randomly picking a winner. Should the winner decline the Discovery Flight, the process will be repeated.

All flights conducted by Leighnor Aircraft will be in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and no exceptions will be made for any reason.

Leighnor Aircraft reserves the right to reschedule Discovery Flights for pilot related concerns such as illness, weather and other natural disasters. Leighnor Aircraft wants your Discovery Flight to be a pleasant and wonderful experience as we share our passion with potentially new aviators. We will make every effort to make your Discovery Flight a memory that will last a lifetime.

No contact information will be sold or provided to third-parties.