Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help users of our web site answer questions that are usually asked of us during the course of a sales call conversation. We have divided the FAQ listing into categories to help make navigation easier.

If you still have a question and it's not answered in these FAQs, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your question.

6 - Flight Operations

All checked out pilots will be given the gate code to get into gate #70 and the door codes to the Leighnor Aircraft hangars

Hangar A2 has an electronic lock and hangar C14 has a lockbox. Both hangars have the same access codes.

There are two headsets in the hangar that may be borrowed if you need an extra headset for a passenger. Headsets are first-come first-serve and are stored in hangar A2.

Maintenance is tracked in Flight Schedule Pro and an aircraft cannot be dispatched without maintenance being current.

Maintenance being “current” means any grounding failure has been corrected and there are no outstanding maintenance items that are required by law.

We periodically clean and vacuum the aircraft to ensure a good experience for our renter pilots.

Our airplanes are not exposed to the elements and the harsh Arizona sun. In addition, when you get into the aircraft to fly, the cockpit is not extremely hot or very cold, depending on the time of year. You also do not have to worry about frost on the windshield or flying surfaces.

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