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24x7x365 access to Leighnor Aircraft

Leighnor Aircraft provides 24x7x365 access to all approved renters at both our Prescott and Cottonwood locations. The purpose of this KB article is describe how this access works.

Access codes will not be disclosed in this article. The codes to get into our facilities will be provided during checkouts and orientations.


For afterhours access to the Prescott location of Leighnor Aircraft, there is a realtor lockbox on the rear door as shown below:

Leighnor Aircraft – Rear Door with Realtor Lockbox

The code to this lockbox will be provided during checkout and orientation at Leighnor Aircraft. Inside the lockbox there is a building key. Unlock the rear door and proceed inside to the dispatch desk, which is straight ahead from the rear entry.

There is a key lockbox mounted to the wall by the dispatch desk as shown below:

Leighnor Aircraft Dispatch Desk – Aircraft Key Lockbox

The code to the aircraft key lockbox will be provided during checkout and orientation. Unlock the lockbox, get your aircraft key, close the lockbox, lock it and scramble the code. You also may borrow headsets, hoods or seat cushions as necessary.

You will lock the rear entry door on your exist from the building.

Returning the aircraft key and any items borrowed for the flight is the same process.

It is up to all pilots utilizing this privilege to not abuse the privilege or the facility. Leighnor Aircraft provides this access to allow maximum flexibility to our flying customers. Please be mindful and ensure the building is locked and secured when you utilize the 24x7x365 access.


Leighnor Aircraft’s Cottonwood facility is fully self-service. Access to the facility is provided by a realtor lockbox attached to the left of the hangar access door at the front parking lot. When flying in to Cottonwood, there is a keypad to the left of the hangar door.

Before flying into Cottonwood and attempting to access the airpark, you will need to have a gate opener in the aircraft. Leighnor Aircraft does put gate openers in all the aircraft, but pilots should always check to ensure the gate opener is in the aircraft if flying to Cottonwood and wishing to utilize the hangar.

Cottonwood pilots will be provided the access codes during orientation and checkout at Leighnor Aircraft.

There are three aircraft based at Cottonwood. Two are in the hangar at the airport which is outside the airport fence. One aircraft is parked on the ramp and the keys and airport access card is in a key lockbox to the right of the bathroom door inside the Cottonwood hangar.

The aircraft inside the hangar are the A22LS Foxbat and a Cessna 162 Skycatcher. The 162 is parked in front, so any pilot scheduled to fly the A22LS with the 162 still at the hangar will have to pull the 162 out, then pull the A22LS out and put the 162 back in the hangar. The reverse procedure will be required when the A22LS is done flying if the 162 is in the hangar.

Hangar door controls are on the right wall near the hangar door as you enter the building. There is also an access door to the ramp in the hangar door. This door is how you will exit to the ramp when you’re ready to fly and the airplane is on the ramp.

For the Piper PA-28-180 that’s parked on the ramp in parking space #43, the following procedure is followed:

  1. Park at the front parking at 668 S Airpark Rd, Cottonwood. Hangar #3.
  2. Open the realtor lockbox, get the hangar key out and unlock the hangar door.
  3. Enter the hangar and turn left along the back wall. You will pass the restroom door and there is a wall mounted key lockbox on the other side of the restroom door.
  4. Open the key lockbox. You will find the keys to the airplane and a folio containing the airport gate access card and a mirror hanger with the Cottonwood Airport authorization on it.
  5. Remove these items, close and secure the lockbox.
  6. Exit the hangar, lock the front door and replace the hangar key in the realtor lockbox. Close and secure the realtor lockbox.
  7. Get in your car. Place the mirror hanger on your vehicle’s mirror. Start your car and drive around to the other side of the airport. The entry gate to the airport is the first left turn past the Cottonwood Airport Terminal parking. Turn left and proceed to the airport gate.
  8. Use the access card within the folio to open the airport gate. It’s an RFID card and you simply hold the card on the reader.
  9. Proceed to parking by the self-fuel service. There is a walk-through (and drive through if needed) gate to allow ramp access.
  10. Park and secure your vehicle. Make sure the mirror hanger is easily visible from the outside of your car.
  11. Proceed to parking spot #43 on the ramp. The Piper PA-28-180 does have an aircraft cover and this cover will have to be removed as part of preflight activities.
  12. Preflight the airplane and enjoy your flight!
  13. Returning the key and securing the airplane is the reverse steps of the above process.

The Cottonwood hangar has a restroom, water, coffee and a sit down briefing area. All Leighnor Aircraft pilots should feel free to utilize this resource as part of their flight training.

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