Aircraft fuel reimbursements

All aircraft at Leighnor Aircraft are rented “wet”, which means fuel is included. If the aircraft flight is local, fuel is provided by the local FBO and billed directly to Leighnor Aircraft. However, there are certain flight operations that either require fuel before or after FBO service hours or fuel needs to be purchased at another airport.

When fuel is purchased by the pilot, Leighnor Aircraft will reimburse the pilot for the cost of that fuel. The reimbursement is done by submitted a fuel reimbursement request form, which can be found HERE.

Leighnor Aircraft – Fuel Reimbursement Request Form

If the request form is received prior to the daily billing cycle, the fuel will be deducted directly from the pilot’s flight invoice. If the form is received after the billing cycle, then typically the pilot’s Flight Schedule Pro account is credited with the cost of the fuel.

Only cost of fuel is reimbursed. Some airports have landing fees and other surcharges and taxes and these costs are not reimbursed. Charges for parking and overnight tie-downs are also not reimbursed.

The pilot will need to have a copy of the receipt for the fuel and the reimbursement form has a field to upload a copy of the receipt image, which can be a picture or Adobe PDF format.

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