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Purchase the most advanced flight training tool on the market! The True Course Simulations Courseware, coupled with the ITD Simulator, is your fastest path to first solo flight and your Private Pilot Certificate!

The intelligent virtual instructor will coach you through all the maneuvers you need to master to become a proficient Private Pilot.

Studies at the USAF Academy and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach have shown that use of the ITD flight simulator reduces flight time required by as much as 30%, which is a significant savings!

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Price: $161.44
TCS Courseware account set up is handled by True Course Simulations. You should expect a welcome email from True Course Simulations within 48 hours of purchase. To schedule the simulator, customers must have set up a Flight Schedule Pro account with Leighnor Aircraft LLC. This account setup process may be found on our getting started pages, located in the "Aircraft" menu or the footer of every page on the website.

Once a TCS account is set up, all online content may be accessed from any connected device, such as a phone, tablet or desktop.