How much does it cost to learn to fly?

Federal minimums under FAA regulations for a Private Pilot certificate are 40 hours total flight time and 20 hours dual instruction flight time.

With prepayment credits and flying club membership at Leighnor Aircraft, the hourly cost of a training aircraft is going to be just less than $100/hour.

For easy math, my examples will use $100/hour as the aircraft cost.
Total time – 40 x $100 = $4,000, Instructor – 20 x $40 = $800
Books, materials, examiner fee and headset (assume reasonable) $800 – $1,500

So, at a minimum, you will probably spend about $6,000 for a Private Pilot certificate based on Federal minimums.

National averages for Private Pilot certificates are in the 60-70-hour range and probably closer to 30 hours of instruction.

Total time – 65 x $100 = $6,500, Instructor – 30 x $40 = $1,200, Books et al – $800 – $1,500

Based on these estimates, you’ll be around $8,000 total cost if you fall more into the national average.

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