Properly securing the C-162 door latches

For all pilots who fly the Cessna C-162 Skycatcher, there are two latches for each cabin door. The main latch is on the top of the door and the safety latch is located at the bottom forward edge of the door.

Cessna added the safety latch as the main latch has been prone to coming open during flight and if the safety latch is not properly secured, the door can come open in flight.

A door open in flight can cause the door to be replaced and damage on the bottom side of the wing. This damage is not a trivial repair and can result in the aircraft being out of service for a significant period of time while repairs take place.

There have been at least two open-door incidents with our aircraft with one incident being very recent and with an instructor onboard.

Please make sure the safety latches on both cabin doors are properly engaged prior to takeoff. The door latches is a checklist item and should be carefully reviewed.

If the door does open in flight, Rule #1 is to fly the aircraft and land – the aircraft will not be adversely affected in flight by the door being open. Review this incident report of what happened when an open door distraction caused a far worse incident – The Kathryn Report

Thank you for your attention to this matter.