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We will post updates and commentary on operational and aviation safety issues related to the safe operation of our aircraft. If there are any questions on any of this material, please contact us via email at flying@leighnoraircraft.com.

Our Fleet is Expanding!

By lance.leighnor@gmail.com | Oct 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Our Fleet is Expanding!

N60594 will join our fleet in the next 15 to 45 days! She is a 2012 model Skycatcher with the same equipment as N7027F. Our expectation is that she will…

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Procedure for Contacting Prescott Ground

By lance.leighnor@gmail.com | Sep 24, 2017 | Comments Off on Procedure for Contacting Prescott Ground

This morning while enjoying a wonderful flight down to Payson and back for breakfast, ground control advised us of a procedure they’d like us to follow. You may have noticed…

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N7027F Port Strobe

By lance.leighnor@gmail.com | Aug 27, 2017 | Comments Off on N7027F Port Strobe

The port strobe on N7027F is mostly inoperable. The strobe will run for less than a minute and then fail. Our mechanics are aware of the issue and we are…

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Properly securing the C-162 door latches

By lance.leighnor@gmail.com | Aug 13, 2017 | Comments Off on Properly securing the C-162 door latches

For all pilots who fly the Cessna C-162 Skycatcher, there are two latches for each cabin door. The main latch is on the top of the door and the safety…

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