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Should you flight train in a LSA aircraft?

Affordable flight training is a reality by training in a LSA aircraft for any certificate. Why? Because LSA aircraft are cheaper to buy and operate. Costs for a flight student for a Private Pilot Certificate are in the $6,500 to $9,000 range in a LSA and that same certificate in a bigger plane, the costs start at $10,000 and can be over $15,000.

LSA aircraft do have limits, particularly around weight and height. Large people, either in height or weight will sometimes have to train in a larger aircraft, such as a Cessna 172.

Leighnor Aircraft successfully trains Commercial Pilots and Flight Instructors in our LSA aircraft in addition to Sport Pilot and Private Pilot Certificates.

Affordable Flight Training – Cost of Acquisition

To understand why affordable flight training can be done in a LSA, let’s consider two new trainers. A brand new Cessna 172 which is a $450,000 airplane and a brand new Aeroprakt A22LS, which is a $125,000 airplane. So a school can buy over three LSA trainers for the price of a Cessna 172. The Cessna 172 is a 180-HP engine aircraft which burns 8-11 gallons of fuel per hour. By comparison the Aeroprakt has a 100-HP engine and it burns 4-5 gallons of fuel per hour.

New Aeroprakt prices may be verified at Aeroprakt USA.

Cost of Maintenance

Now consider the aircraft’s maintenance which is an extremely key part of affordable flight training. Aircraft used in the flight training business are required to have annual and 100-hour operation inspections. That new Cessna 172 has dozens of inspection plates and requires almost two days to complete either of those inspections. But the Aeroprakt? No inspection plates exist and an inspection is a morning’s work. This difference in time means labor charges to maintain the LSA aircraft is considerably less than the Cessna 172.

All of these factors combine to make affordable flight training a reality in one of Leighnor Aircraft’s LSAs. At Leighnor Aircraft, a flight student really can accomplish more by flying with Leighnor!

For a more detailed analysis of the LSA aircraft and why these aircraft make flying more affordable, please read the attached file, “e-Guide to Stretching Your Flying Dollar”.

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