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Your first steps to get flying

Welcome to Leighnor Aircraft!

If you’re browsing this KB article, you’re obviously interested in getting started either renting aircraft or beginning some sort of flying lessons. This article will guide you through getting signed up and the appropriate forms that need to be submitted to get you in the air as quickly and painlessly as possible. Unlike many of our competitors, much of Leighnor Aircraft’s forms can be done online and we’ve leveraged technology to make getting started easy.

Prescott or satellite location?

Our Prescott location is home to our main office and is staffed during business hours. During the summer those hours are 8 AM to 8 PM. Winter hours are 8 AM to 6 PM. For flights before or after those hours, we have a 24x7x365 access system which can allow a pilot to get a plane around the clock as needed.

Satellite locations are self-service and appointments must be made to see aircraft and to chat with flight instructors to ask questions. Like our Prescott location, our satellite locations have 24x7x365 access.

Your very first step

The very first thing any new renter pilot, regardless of your aviation experience, needs to do is sign up for a Flight Schedule Pro account. Leighnor Aircraft uses this web-based application to schedule and bill our aircraft and flight instructors. This KB contains a great deal of information on Flight Schedule Pro from signing up to flight operations and you’d be well advised to look through some of those articles as well. Flight Schedule Pro is the hub that runs Leighnor Aircraft and understanding how it works will make your aircraft rental experience a positive one.

There are two pages within the Leighnor Aircraft website that will guide you through the steps necessary to get flying with us. The links are below:

Pilots Getting Started Guide

New Student Pilots

Flight Schedule Pro – New User Registration Page

To sign up for a new Flight Schedule Pro account, please click HERE. Once your account has been approved by Leighnor Aircraft’s Flight Schedule Pro administrator, you will get an email with instructions for next steps.

If you already have a Flight Schedule Pro account with another company, you need to go through the process to add another company to your Flight Schedule Pro account. To add Leighnor Aircraft, you will need our company number which is 113167.

After you sign up for Flight Schedule Pro

The second step for all customers of Leighnor Aircraft is to submit the online Rental Agreement form. The Rental Agreement is a short form that you as the renter are acknowledging our business and rental rules and agree to abide by them. This form must be signed before any aircraft can be rented.

The Rental Agreement is located HERE. The form to acknowledge that you’ve read this agreement, understand the agreement and agree to abide by the terms of the agreement is located HERE.

Once the Rental Agreement form has been submitted, you will receive an email acknowledgement with instructors for the next step of the process.

Leighnor Aircraft – Rental Agreement Acknowledgement Form

Ready to talk to a flight instructor?

Now that the paperwork is out of the way, it’s time to talk flying! Your next step in this process is to take a look at our flight instructor list and start chatting with flight instructors. Our website has a list of instructors authorized to provide instruction in our aircraft, a picture and short bio as well as what aircraft they’re authorized to instruct in.

If you’re a new student pilot or pilot continuing your flight training, you need to talk with an instructor about your needs and their training methodologies. It’s important to find an instructor you’re comfortable with as the student/instructor relationship is perhaps one of the most important elements of successful flight training.

If you’re a pilot simply looking for an aircraft checkout, your needs are a bit more simple.

To see our list of flight instructors, please click HERE to go to Leighnor Aircraft’s instructor page.

Leighnor Aircraft – Flight Instructors Page

Prescott pilots do this step next!

The Prescott Regional Airport has air transport service and a secured perimeter area. Access is carefully monitored and controlled by the airport administration. At the Leighnor Aircraft facility at Prescott Regional Airport, there are four gates (2 drive-thru and 2 walk-thru) that we utilize heavily. Leighnor Aircraft is authorized to release those gates access codes to our rental customers provided we keep a record of who has requested that access and more importantly, that the person getting the access code has read the rules and understands the consequences for violations.

Any Leighnor Aircraft pilot flying out of our Prescott facility needs to submit a gate code access request form which will be an acknowledgement of reading the airport’s rules. Submit the gate code access request form HERE.

Leighnor Aircraft – Airport Gate Codes Request Form

Do NOT share these gate codes with anyone! If you do share with a “friend” and a violation occurs, you will likely be faced with the same penalties, which are financial and can be significant.

Satellite location pilots do not need to complete this form unless you wish access to the Prescott aircraft.

The Rental Application form is the last form to submit

The Rental Application form is the last form all rental pilots need to submit. This form is used by Leighnor Aircraft to build out your Flight Schedule Pro profile plus our insurance carrier does require us to screen the pilots we rent aircraft to.

This form must be filled out before a pilot can take an aircraft on a solo rental. For student pilots, this is right at the time of your solo flight. For rental pilots, you do not need this form for your checkout in the aircraft, however this form will be required before you can rent the airplane by yourself.

The Rental Application form is located HERE.

When you submit the Rental Application form, you will need digital copies of the following documents as you will need to upload them as part of the form:
– A valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
– If BasicMed, your driver’s license and medical course completion certificate
– If 1st/2nd/3rd class medical, your medical certificate
– Your pilot’s certificate

Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 18 and a parental consent form must be submitted for both the Rental Agreement form and Rental Application form is the Flight Schedule Pro user is under the age of 18.

Leighnor Aircraft – Parental Consent Form

Access the Parental Consent form HERE.

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