How do I access the aircraft 24x7x365?


During business hours at Prescott, there will be an attendant at the dispatch desk that will give you the aircraft keys. Winter operating hours are 8 AM to 6 PM, summer operating hours are 8 AM to 8 PM.

For non-attended hours, unlock the realtor lockbox hanging on the rear door of the office building at 6418 MacCurdy Dr in Prescott. Upon entry, go to the dispatch desk and there is a key box mounted to the wall. Unlock the key box, retrieve your aircraft key then lock it. Note the whiteboard in the building above the key box will tell you the location of your aircraft and what oil the aircraft uses. Next, take the metal board assigned to your aircraft which is located on the shelf. As you leave the building make sure to lock the building and place the key in the realtor lockbox. Proceed to your aircraft, either on the South Ramp or the aircraft’s hangar.

Upon your return, after securing the aircraft, repeat the above procedure and return the aircraft’s key to the key box.

Depending upon how late the flight is after hours, flight billing will likely occur the next day.

Note: You will be given codes for the building and lockbox during your checkout.


Cottonwood is a totally self-service location with no attendant based at the Cottonwood Municipal Airport Terminal. To enter the office, there is a lockbox on the sliding glass door of the office. Open the lockbox to get the key to unlock the sliding glass door. Inside the office is a lockbox for aircraft keys.

Aircraft based at Cottonwood are parked immediately outside the terminal.

Once your flight is complete, return the aircraft keys, access card and mirror hangar to the lockbox in the office.

Note: You will be given codes for the building and lockbox during your checkout.

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