How to Zelle or Venmo Money to Leighnor Aircraft LLC

To avoid credit card surcharges, all of our customers can use alternative payment methods to pay flight invoices or put money on account. Leighnor Aircraft LLC will always take a personal check or cash if that is the customer’s preference. Alternatively, new electronic payment methods such as Zelle or Venmo can be used. Here is how to Zelle or Venmo money to Leighnor Aircraft LLC:

  • Leighnor Aircraft LLC’s preferred electronic payment method is Zelle. It’s free and the transfer happens nearly immediately. The Zelle id to use is
  • If unable to use Zelle, the Venmo app offers a second alternative. Like Zelle, Venmo is free to use. The Venmo id to use is also

If there are any questions about how to Zelle or Venmo money to Leighnor Aircraft LLC, please contact us via email at, text message at 928-499-3080, or call us during business hours at 928-499-3080.

Category: Rates and Financial