What is a Credit Card Surcharge?

A credit card surcharge is an add-on charge that Leighnor Aircraft LLC adds to invoices. This surcharge occurs when a credit card is used to pay the invoice.

What many customers do not know is that credit card companies charge the business owner to process the credit card. The cost to the business is 3 to 4 percent of the transaction.

The surcharge is to control costs and to avoid prices increases.

The surcharge depends on if the card is swiped at the office or is processed electronically. If swiping a card at the office, the surcharge amount is 2.04% of the sales price plus .25. If the card is stored electronically, the surcharge is 3.04% of the sales price plus .25.

To avoid the surcharge, customers can pay by check, cash, or alternative electronic payment methods such as Zelle and Venmo. See our FAQ on Zelle and Venmo payments to learn more about these methods of payment.

Category: Rates and Financial